Nebbia Sweatpants Camo 117

Nebbia Sweatpants Camo 117


Nebbia SweatPants Camo 117 Long pants, very elastic, breathable and comfortable, ideal for practicing sports. Available in 2 different colors.

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What is the Sweatpants Camo 117 pant?

Camo Sweatpants 117 They are long pants, designed by Nebbia, ideal for training, as they provide optimal mobility and comfort.

The pants Camo Sweatpants 117 belong to The Aesthetic Warrior collection is designed to perfection and features the latest fashion materials. It is ideal for people looking for garments that provide comfort, are breathable and allow all kinds of movement.

The material with which it is designed is 80% cotton and 20% elastane. Cotton is a soft, comfortable material that does not cause chafing. Elastane provides elasticity to the fabric.

The characteristics of the Sweatpants Camo 117 pant.

  • They allow maximum range of motion to your legs and hips.
  • The design features the AW logo with camo print and Reinforced zipper pockets.
  • They are elastic and comfortable to use when practicing sports and training.
  • Fitted at the ankles.
  • They offer great functionality.
  • You can use them both inside and outside the gym.

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