Nebbia Tights Tattoo 215

Nebbia Tights Tattoo 215


Nebbia Tights Tattoo 215 Sports leggings, designed in 3 different colors. Ideal for practicing sports.

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What are Nebbia Tights Tattoo 215?

The Leggings Tights Tattoo 215 They are the garment for your workouts, designed with an elastic fabric and a shaping effect.

The Leggings Tights Tattoo 215 They have been made with a very flexible fabric, with the aim of fit perfectly and being able to perform any type of sport, exercise, stretching comfortably.

They are low rise, and on the hip they have a magnificent design, in 3 different models. The lower part has a print similar to that of a tattoo and the Nebbia logo.

The characteristics of Nebbia Tights Tattoo 215?

  • allow the maximum range of motion to your legs and hips. They are very elastic and comfortable to use when practicing sports and training.
  • The back in V, has shaping effect. 
  • The elastic band allows a correct fit and prevents them from moving or shifting.
  • At the back, they have been designed with a gather that naturally highlights the buttocks and provides a volume effect.

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