Nutrimarket Bio Organic Coconut Flour 250 G

Nutrimarket Bio Organic Coconut Flour 250 G


NutriMarket Bio Coconut Flour is the ideal alternative to traditional flours, with much more beneficial nutritional values ​​for health. It is gluten-free and lactose-free, suitable for vegans and very high in fiber.

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What is Organic Coconut Flour?

The Organic Coconut Flour is the new natural, ecological and healthy coconut flour, which has more nutritious properties than conventional flours.

With NutriMarket Organic Coconut Flour you have at your fingertips one of the most sought after and difficult to achieve goals: improving eating habits.

We are used to using a large number of ultra-processed ingredients with nutritional characteristics far removed from those recommended. Coconut flour allows you to continue enjoying your favorite recipes, in a more nutritious way.

What are the properties of Coconut Flour?

  • It has a concentration of fiber of a 45%, that is, almost half of its composition is dietary fiber.
  • coconut flour it has no cholesterol and its medium chain fatty acids are healthy. They facilitate the increase of the so-called “good cholesterol”
  • It is a source of protein: it contains approximately 20 grams per 100g.
  • It is low in carbohydrates compared to other types of flour. It has a low glycemic index, that is, it does not cause large spikes in insulin.

Does Organic Coconut Flour contain gluten?

No, coconut flour does not contain gluten. It is suitable for celiacs.

Coconut flour, in its composition there is no gluten or lactose, so it is ideal for people with intolerances and its level of digestibility for the rest is very high.

How to use Organic Coconut Flour?

NutriMarket Organic Coconut Flour It can be used in all kinds of recipes: from sweet desserts to meat batters.It is ideal to substitute for your traditional flour, in the recipes of your choice: biscuits, cookies, cakes, etc.

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