Nutrimarket New Glucotech Waxy Maize Neutral 2 Kg

Nutrimarket New Glucotech Waxy Maize Neutral 2 Kg


Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize 2kg It is the perfect supplement to give you maximum energy during workouts and for optimal and fast recovery. Nutrimarket Glucotech, based on amylopectin, it will fill the glycogen reserves of your muscles instantly.

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What properties does Glucotech Waxy Maize have?

  • Restorer of glycogen stores
  • Provides sustained energy
  • It works by replenishing the glycogen stores in the muscles
  • No fat, no cholesterol, no sugar.
  • Reduces cortisol secretion

What is Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize?

NUTRIMARKET GLUCOTECH WAXY MAIZE 2kg is the perfect sports supplement for those looking for energy to carry out any sports practice as well as being the ULTIMATE GLYCOGEN RECOVERY for a quick and optimal recovery. 100% pure amylopectin without additives or additions.

What composition does Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize have?

Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize It is a product based on pure amylopectin of the highest quality obtained from corn. This product is innovative since it is a recent patent that has achieved a product that provides energy in a sustained manner over time but that, unlike sugar, does not cause insulin rises (known as insulin spikes), so it prevents the The body accumulates energy by transforming it into fat, it only gives you energy and acts by replenishing the glycogen deposits in the muscles and liver that have been emptied after a hard workout or physical activity.

Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize It is a healthy supplement without fats, cholesterol, or sugar. It also reduces the secretion of cortisol during exercise, which means that it eliminates physical and mental stress. It is also ideal for bodybuilders in the phase of muscle growth and lean mass generation.

Who is Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize for?

Nutrimarket Glucotech Waxy Maize It is perfect for any fitness athlete, bodybuilding, cycling, strength sports, endurance sports or as a food supplement. The Waxy Maize before training or during training gives you energy to achieve your goals. Post-workout helps you recover and return lost glycogen to your muscles. It is also the perfect supplement to combine with others thanks to its neutral flavor, so you can combine it with your pre-workout, with creatine, amino acids, multivitamin, etc…

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