Nutrimarket Organic Camu-Camu Powder Organic 50 G

Nutrimarket Organic Camu-Camu Powder Organic 50 G


NutriMarket Bio Camu-Camu is a food supplement with a high content of vitamin C. In fact, it can have 40 times more than an orange, making it ideal for anyone who needs an extra supply of this nutrient.

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product line NutriMarket Bio aims to publicize a series of natural ingredients whose properties can be very beneficial for the body. The camu camu is one of the most surprising, since its composition provides a quantity of vitamin C very, very high.

NutriMarket Bio Camu-Camu It's one of the antioxidantsnatural most effective out there. To compare it with a reference known to all such as oranges, it could be said that, in some cases, it contains 40 times more vitamin C that said fruit.

In this way, his power antioxidant makes it an ideal supplement for anyone who needs to combat cellular oxidation and excess free radicals. The presence of this element can also be increased by intense physical activity, so the camu camu it is a food very valuable for athletes.

NutriMarket Bio Camu-Camu also contributes amino acids, iron, calcium, phosphorous and potassium, which effectively complement vitamin C to obtain other benefits, such as the reinforcement of the immune system or the improvement of collagen levels.

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