Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour 500g

Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour 500g


Buckwheat flour from Biocop It is the ideal alternative that comes from a seed, and stands out for its fiber, vitamin, mineral and protein content.

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What is Biocop Organic Buckwheat Flour Without Gluten 500g?

  • It is a healthy, nutritious food that is easy to incorporate and use in a large number of recipes.
  • The flour format makes its consumption easier. You can prepare or incorporate it into your favorite sweet or savory recipes.
  • Each pack contains 500 grams of buckwheat flour.

What properties does buckwheat have?

  • It has a high content of fiber. More than 5 grams. It contributes to an improvement in gastro-intestinal health as well as providing a greater contribution to satiety.
  • Its high content in minerals compared to other grains and seeds: zinc, copper, manganese and potassium.
  • It is a source of vitamins B Group.
  • protein: it is a food with a high protein content of high biological value. Compared to other vegetable sources, buckwheat does have lysine in its aminogram.

What benefits does it bring?

  • Improves sensitivity to insulin and to regulate blood glucose: it is a carbohydrate with a low glycemic index. In addition, it contains a type of vitamin B that contributes to an improvement in insulin sensitivity.
  • has properties antioxidants: due to the high content of flavonoids, vitamin E, glutathione and phenolic acids. They help neutralize free radicals.
  • Improves the health of heart and of the arteries. Due to its content in fatty acids, such as omega 6.

Can celiac people eat wheat?

Yes, it is an alternative suitable for celiac people. Despite its name, it is completely unrelated. Does not contain gluten.

It is a seed, not a grain. It is a recommended option both for those intolerant to gluten and for those allergic to this protein.

How to use?

You can use buckwheat flour as a substitute for your conventional flour. Prepare biscuits, pancakes or pizza dough. You can cook a large number of recipes.

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