Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g

Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g


Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g is an organic khorasan Kamut wheat flour pancake that can be filled with all kinds of ingredients, to make sweet or savory recipes. This type of wheat provides more energy and contains more vitamins and minerals than the traditional one.

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Composition of Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g

This product contains khorasan Kamut wheat flour* (62%), sunflower seed vegetable oil*, natural aroma*, water and salt.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g It is used for all kinds of recipes, whenever you need a pancake to wrap anything. From the most classic dishes such as burritos to all kinds of creative innovations such as sweet desserts rolled up in these piadinas.

Following the productive philosophy of biocop, this product is made with ingredients from organic farming, so it contributes to a responsible consumption and environmentally friendly. In this way, it is the ideal option for anyone committed to the fight against climate change.

In more strictly nutritional terms, Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g contains, as its main ingredient, the Khorasan Kamut wheat flour. Probably few people have heard of this compound, but the reality is that it is nothing more than a wheat variant common.

The benefits of Khorasan Kamut are diverse, but the two most important are a increased energy boost and its high content vitamins and minerals. Both aspects make it an ingredient richer than traditional wheat. Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g It is ideal for athletes who need an important extra energy.

Benefits of Piadina Kamut Biocop 225g

  • Pancakes to wrap any type of food. Sweet or salt.
  • Made with organic ingredients.
  • Responsible consumption product.
  • With khorasan Kamut wheat.
  • More minerals than common wheat.
  • It provides an important extra energy.

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