Sample Life Pro Crossfit Rage Pro 18g

Sample Life Pro Crossfit Rage Pro 18g


rage it's a innovative simple but effective pre-workout, its matrix consists of three substances widely studied and supported by science. In addition, it is a powerful precursor of nitric oxide. It can be used for both strength and endurance disciplines. In fact, its ingredients consist of a multitude of trials in both modalities with beneficial results.

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This product is made up of citrulline malate (ratio 2:1), amaranth dry extract (high in nitrates) and anhydrous caffeine.

What is it for?

The objective of rage is to achieve an improvement in performance, reduction of fatigue and increase in muscular resistance thanks to various mechanisms:

On one side we find 8g citrulline malate (optimal ratio of 2:1) intervening in the production of nitric oxide (molecule with many functions at the endothelial level in the transport of oxygen to our tissues), in addition to reducing the accumulation of ammonium and increasing the production of ATP (our currency energy) during exercise. The main problem of the studies with inconclusive results is the Citrulline-malate ratio, which is not adequate, unlike our formulation, the dose, training methodology or making mistakes when taking the supplement (timing).

On the other hand, we find the nitrates from red spinach (amaranth) with the Oxystorm ® patent (4g equivalent to 360mg of nitrates) characterized by a high concentration of these with a standardization of 9% (much higher than the rest of the raw materials), low presence of oxalates and high content of potassium, thanks to its pharmacokinetics we were able to reduce the total amount needed to achieve an optimal blood concentration. Nitrates stimulate the production of nitric oxide through another alternative and complementary pathway to that of citrulline (more information).

Lastly, mention the no less important effect of the 300mg of caffeine. Acting both centrally and peripherally as an antagonist of adenosine receptors. Reducing fatigue during training, improving motor coordination and concentration during tasks.

In summary, it is the perfect combo to reduce perceived exertion during high-intensity and cardiovascular exercise, taking our workouts to the highest level with substances with sufficient scientific evidence.


  • Improves muscular endurance
  • Improves motor coordination
  • Effect on glucose homeostasis
  • Energy production (atp) at the mitochondrial level
  • Effects on blood flow regulation (vasodilation)
  • Improved muscle power

What dose to consume?

Adjust the dose to your needs and tolerance, the doses to consume are 2 scoops (18g) in 200-250 ml, about 45-60 min before training

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