Servivita Zero Calories Sauce Cookies

Servivita Zero Calories Sauce Cookies


Zero Calories Sauce Cookies is a new syrup flavored with a delicious combination of cookies and cream that does not contain sugars or calories.

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What is Zero Calorie Sauce Cookies?

More and more people decide to take care of their diet. So that you do not have to give up or leave your favorite flavors behind, Servivita offers you the new and delicious innovative syrup flavored with Cookies and cream in a healthy version without sugars or fats.

Zero Calories Sauce Cookies It is the ideal syrup to add to your recipes and desserts. Each portion of Zero Calories Sauce Cookies contain less than 1 calorie. Unlike conventional sweet sauces and syrups, They contain practically no calories. It also contains no sugars or fats.

It is perfectly suitable for fat loss diets, as well as people who want to improve their diet and are looking for healthy alternatives.

Zero Calories Sauce Cookies is suitable for celiac, diabetic, or lactose intolerant looking for alternatives that they can consume and maintain their cookie flavor that will not go unnoticed.

What are the benefits of Zero Calories Sauce Cookies?

  • Allows you to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle: It is the right option to improve your diet without leaving behind your favorite cookies and cream syrup.
  • It is free of fats and sugars.
  • Low in calories: provides 1 calorie for each 10 ml serving: it is ideal for weight loss diets.
  • For all people: It is suitable for diabetics, celiacs and lactose intolerant.

How to use

Use the desired amount on the chosen dish, recipe or dessert.

Its delicious flavor combined with its wonderful texture makes it easy to apply in desserts, cakes, pastries, whipped cheese, yogurt and all the options you want.

Each container contains 320 ml. Its dispenser cap makes it easy and convenient to apply.

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