sub9 Salts Electrolytes

sub9 Salts Electrolytes


Complement your daily diet thanks to this nutritional supplement based vitamins Y minerals.

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What is SUB9 Salts Electrolytes?

SUB9 Salts are an evolution beyond Salts Electrolyte, designed for continuous consumption during longer exercises. As for its minerals, the sodium level has been increased to 250 mg and also that of magnesium to 18.15 mg. On the other hand, potassium has been reduced to 54.01 mg, thus obtaining a lower proportion than that of the other brand capsules.

They contain ginger extract to improve digestion, which is the main drawback of this type of supplement.

Benefits of SUB9 Salts Electrolytes

  • Contribution of vitamins and minerals.
  • Ideal for replacement of the exercise.
  • Easy digestion.
  • Improved formula.
  • Available per dose.

How to use it:

Take capsules before, during or after exercise, accompanied with water.

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