Vikika Gold Greenz Juice 30X9G 270g

Vikika Gold Greenz Juice 30X9G 270g


Greenz Juice by Vikika GOLD is a food supplement designed so that you can enjoy a delicious 'green' shake loaded with nutrients.

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What is Greenz Juice by Vikika Gold?

Greenz Juice combines an exclusive selection of green superfoods such as Chlorella, wheat grass and barley, along with two of the best patented raw materials rich in antioxidants such as VitaVeggie® and VitaBerry® that help control weight, delay the symptoms of aging and improve digestive health, among many other properties.

With Greenz Juice you have at your disposal a delicious way to increase your intake of antioxidants, in addition to being able to benefit from its purifying properties.


Recommended daily dose: 9g (1 sachet).

How to use: Mix 9 g (1 sachet) with 250 ml of cold water. Use an Amix™ blender or mixer.

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