Vikika Gold Gymsack

Vikika Gold Gymsack


Vikika Gold Gymsack is the new backpack sport designed to be the perfect accessory to take with you anywhere and transport your belongings and personal items in a practical and comfortable way.

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You can use it for a multitude of occasions, thanks to Vikika Gold Gymsack You will have all the space you need to carry your shaker, clothes, accessories, or even supplements. Use it in your day to day life and get the most out of it.

Its design is attractive and elegant. A combination of the colors pastel pink and white.

Its print on the front features the emblem “Vikika Gold, made for woman by Amix”.


  • It is made with materials resistant, of high quality, so it is not easily damaged or spoiled.
  • Its closure by ropes makes it quick to open and close. They are in black. They allow the backpack to be adjusted and adapted to the height you prefer to place it on your back.
  • Great ability to transport your keys, mobile, sportswear, supplements, towel to your workouts or anywhere.
  • It is light and comfortable.
  • You can use it by placing it on your back or in your hand.

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