Vikika Gold Slim Bcaa Drink 210g 30X7G

Vikika Gold Slim Bcaa Drink 210g 30X7G


Slim BCAA Drink by Vikika Gold is a supplement made from the essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine and L-Valine, better known as branched chain amino acids (Branched Chain Amino Acid, or its abbreviation BCAA's).

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What is Vikika GOLD Slim BCAA Drink?

Branched-chain amino acids account for 40% of the body's daily needs, and must be supplied through food (protein-rich products) or supplementation. BCAAs are essential for maintaining muscle mass, as well as for improving recovery after high-intensity exercise.

Slim BCAA Drink gives you a high concentration of micronized instant BCAA's (highly soluble) so that you can prepare a delicious and refreshing drink practically without sugar and with a precise ratio between amino acids of 2:1:1.

With Vikika Slim BCAA Drink You can have an ally when it comes to maintaining muscle tone in times of definition diets, avoiding the loss of muscle mass and ostensibly improving recovery.

How to use

Mix 7 g (1 sachet) with 250 ml of water and take immediately after physical activity. To change the flavor and sweetness of the drink, change the amount of water used for the preparation. Consume directly after preparation.

flavors: pineapple Watermelon.

Recommended Daily Dose: 7 g (1 sachet).

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