Vikika Gold Slim Booster Preworkout 150g 30X5G

Vikika Gold Slim Booster Preworkout 150g 30X5G


Slim Booster Preworkout is a supplement made up of a combination of ingredients specifically designed to help you take your workouts to the next level.

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In many cases we carry the diet to perfection, but we do not see results because we do not feel the motivation to train intensely enough. It can happen that a low-calorie diet, with the principle of reducing the percentage of body fat, leaves us without energy and we make the training very light.

Slim Booster Preworkout is a powerful supplement to take before your workouts in order to help you train with much more motivation and intensity. In its composition we find, among other ingredients, three different types of creatine, to increase your power and recover better between series.

Contains Nitric Oxide precursors such as Arginine AKG, to increase vasodilation and with it the feeling of congestion while transporting nutrients to the muscle we want to work on. Another component is caffeine, a stimulant that will increase your performance, reducing the feeling of tiredness.

In short, Slim Booster Preworkout is the ideal supplement to take before your workouts. and help you keep progressing so you can achieve your goals. In addition, Slim Booster Preworkout can be taken in combination with a diet and exercise program aimed at losing fat, since it does not contain sugar.

Not recommended for children, or pregnant or lactating women. Caffeine content 143 mg per recommended daily dose: 200 mg.

flavors: FRUITS OF THE FOREST, COLA Recommended Daily Dose: Maximum is 1 sachet (5 g)/day and exceed the maximum daily dose!

How to use: Mix 5 g (1 sachet) in a glass with 200-300 ml of water and drink the mixture 30-45 minutes before intense physical exercise.To change the flavor and sweetness of the prepared drink, change the amount of water that is used for the preparation. The maximum daily dose is 1 sachet (5 g).

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