226ers Energy Gel Bio 25g Extra Salt

226ers Energy Gel Bio 25g Extra Salt


Organic energy gel with Caramel/Licorice flavor

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The Energy Gel BIO 226ERS energy gel is perfect to take in situations of maximum energy demand, in any resistance sport and out-door.

The fruits, the caffeine and the complex and simple carbohydrate syrups used come from organic farming, as well as the aromas used, thus achieving a better flavor and better assimilation by eliminating chemical substances that hinder the different metabolic processes.


  • Ease of transportation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maximum energy available and highly concentrated.
  • Without gluten
  • Caramel or licorice flavor

Its small size allows the intake of the necessary water for its correct assimilation (25 g gel &gt, 250 ml water).

They must have a good MIX of carbohydrates (46% amylopectin and maltodexrins + 27% fructose + 27% glucose) achieving good assimilation and sustained energy release.

They also provide sodium and potassium in controlled amounts that allow combination with other products and reduce possible gastric problems.

Caffeine preserves glycogen stores, mobilizes fatty acids, delays exhaustion time and causes an increase in muscle contraction force.

It can be combined if you need:

  • More mineral salts take 1 capsule every hour of Salts Electrolytes accompanied by about 250 ml of water or 500 ml/hour of Isotonic Drink.
  • Liquid energy. Take 500 ml every hour of Energy Drink.
  • solid food Take 1 Endurance Fuel Bar every hour accompanied by water.

Does not contain gluten


Consume 1-2 Energy Gel BIO 226ERS energy gels per hour of endurance exercise.

It is essential to drink at least 250ml of water or energy drink for each gel consumed.

To maintain 100% of the benefits of the energy gel, you must maintain proper hydration for the duration of sports practice.


Mixture of glucose* and glucose-fructose* syrups, water, sea salt (sodium chloride), caffeine*, potassium chloride, acidifier: citric acid, natural cola flavouring.


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