226ers Face Mask Hydrazero White

226ers Face Mask Hydrazero White


Hydrazero Mask White It is a high quality approved mask that has been designed by 226ERS in order to offer protection and resistance to all those who wish to use it.

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It is suitable for daily use and sports use.

The mask has two placement positions:

  • At rest with the top elastic below the ears.
  • With the upper adjustment elastic above these in a diagonal position.


  • The pattern with which it has been designed is Ergonomic rear adjustment and easy placement.
  • Hydrzaero Mask has been manufactured entirely in Spain under the strictest prevention and care controls for its use, according to the standard UNE-EN 14683:2019+AC 2019-UNE 0065:2020.
  • It has a 96% filtering according to the UNE-EN 149:2001+A1-2010 standard.
  • Made of two layers:

Outer layer: Water-repellent microfiber polyester taffeta (liquid repellent). Authorized fabric, according to the status STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX ® under test report No. 20190K1098, therefore it is authorized to use the STANDARDS 100 by OEKO TEX brand.

Inner layer: High-density polyester canvas type twill. The closed cell and the ribbed loom finish offer extra resistance to the mask while giving it a pleasant and soft touch.

  • Closing elastics: Polyamide finishes of high resistance and durability.

Its composition and care

Hydrazero are reusable masks so you can wash them and use them multiple times.

They support up to 69 washes (at a maximum temperature of 35º) -14% (with washes at 60º).

Despite being manufactured under an exhaustive hygiene process in the manufacturing process, we recommend a first wash before use.

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