226ers Neo Bar Flavor 50g

226ers Neo Bar Flavor 50g


226ERS NEO BAR FLAVOR 50G They are protein bars that help the uptake of amino acids. 226ERS NEO BAR Contains 25 g of protein from sources such as casein, egg and dairy. Without gluten

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The 226ERS NEO BAR They are bars with a high protein content, with 50% protein and less than 1g of sugars. Tasty bar covered in chocolate and soy chips. A compact texture that makes it a perfect snack for optimal recovery.

Contains 50 grams of high-quality protein in each bar, extracted from sources such as casein, eggs and dairy, all with a large amount of essential and branched chain amino acids.

With these guidelines it helps the uptake of amino acids by the body taking advantage of the "open window" period and recovery is accelerated. This optimizes positive training adaptations and prepares the body for the next workload.

Vitamin B6: Responsible for the metabolism of amino acids, they make it a perfect product to help tissue recovery after great efforts, strength training or competitions.

How to use:

Before: Before exercise, as a snack between meals or as an extra energy boost before doing physical activity.
After: To recover energy and improve recovery.

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