Amix Bcaa Elite Rate 350g

Amix Bcaa Elite Rate 350g


Amix BCAA ELITE RATE 350GR of Supplements AMIX is a compound of branched chain amino acids. AMIX BCAA Elite Rate contains the ideal 2-1-1 ratio of bcaa's.

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What is AMIX BCAA Elite Rate 350gr used for?

AMIX BCAA Elite Rate is a compound of amino acids branched. AMIX BCAA Elite Rate of Amix Supplements contains the ideal proportion 2-1-1, numerous studies have shown that this proportion is more effective for a maximum supply of BCAA`S.

branched chain amino acids (BRANCHED CHAIN ​​AMINO ACID or BCAA'S) are three essential amino acids, which cannot be manufactured by the human body and must be administered from the outside through diet or supplementation.

Benefits of AMIX BCAA Elite Rate

  • contains a 2-1-1 ratio, which numerous studies have shown to be the most effective.
  • They favor the muscle building.
  • Participate in the metabolism of many organs providing nitrogen to the cells.
  • stimulate in the protein synthesis ostensibly improving absorption,
  • Energy supply during muscular exercise.
  • Reduce fatigue during muscle exercise

How to use

Recommended daily dose 8g.

Take 3/4 scoop (4 g) before physical activity and 3/4 scoop (4 g) after physical activity.

AMIX BCAA ELITE RATE: 350 gr pot of powder.

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