Amix Beef Extra Amino 360 Caps

Amix Beef Extra Amino 360 Caps


AMIX BEEF EXTRA AMINO 360 CAPS It is composed of pure amino acids, the essential supplement at the sports level for muscle building.

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What is Amix Beef Extra Amino 360 caps?

BEEF EXTRA AMINO of AMIX This compound based on a high concentration of pure amino acids. These amino acids are a very important supplement at the sports level when it comes to muscle building.

What is BEEF EXTRA AMINO used for?

  • It is ideal for muscle building sports and also for endurance sports.
  • Contributes to the maintenance and repair of muscle mass
  • They favor the production of growth hormone which leads to an improvement in muscle hypertrophy.


Amino acids are considered the basis of muscle formation and BEEF EXTRA AMINO from AMIX provides us with that basis for growth in a concentrated way, in easy-to-digest capsules with guaranteed beneficial effects.

In addition, its content in METOCEL and CRT-SS, which are digestive enzymes and other absorption enhancers for total metabolism and optimal product performance.

The AMIX BEEF EXTRA AMINO amino acid compound contains all the most important amino acids responsible for building muscle fibers.

How to use

Recommended dose: 6 capsules

Take 6 capsules with 250-300ml of water, with a meal or after physical activity.

Presentation of Amix Extra Amino: Container of 360 Capsules.

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