Amix Bcaa Mega Fuel Monodose

Amix Bcaa Mega Fuel Monodose


BCAA MegaFuel is a sports supplement designed by Amix based on branched chain amino acids, beta alanine and L Arginine with the aim of facilitating the most optimal metabolism of nutrients and thus improving your training.

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What is BCAA MegaFuel?

Each ampoule provides 6000mg of amino acids to the body, so that it increases protein synthesis and the development of strength and endurance.

The benefits of BCAA Mega Fuel

  • Contribute to preserve the fibers muscle breakdown or catabolism.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of strength and endurance.
  • Increase the protein synthesis.
  • Taurine contributes to optimal energy production at the cellular level.
  • Its single-dose format makes it easy and convenient to transport and take anywhere.

Properties of its components

  • The BCAAs‘s are essential for the maintenance of anti-catabolism muscle mass), as well as to accelerate recovery after physical activity. They stimulate protein synthesis, considerably improving absorption. They act as an energy source during muscle contraction.
  • Thetaurine: contributes to the introduction of nutrients into the cells, increases the replenishment of glycogen levels and therefore reduces insulin in the blood.
  • It also has the ability to contract muscles, which results in prolonged work for longer and maintains the level of strength and has positive effects in reducing soreness, muscle pain and fatigue.
  • The beta-alanine it has a favorable effect not only on muscular performance and endurance during weight-bearing exercise, but also shows a potential effect on muscle growth and strength.

How to use:

Take half an ampoule before exercising and the remaining half ampoule at the end to maximize its benefits.

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