Amix Black And White Mesh Gloves

Amix Black And White Mesh Gloves


The fishnet gloves by Amix They are an accessory designed to improve your workouts and provide comfort to the hands.

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What are the Amix Black and White mesh gloves?

They are designed with materialselastics to achieve a complete adaptation to your hands, protect them from blisters and calluses, as well as prevent the bars or dumbbells from slipping due to sweat. They allow you to train more intensely and effectively.

Its design has been made in order to improve perspiration with a mesh fabric, which facilitates air and free of bad odors caused by sweat, without giving any heat.

They are comfortable and light to wear. They are padded and robust.

Its design combines two colors: black and white. They are also available in blue and black.

The importance of training with gloves

  • Hygiene: Every training device, machine or accessory in common gyms is used by a large number of people. Gloves will prevent direct contact with sweat and bacteria.
  • Support for dolls: Lifting and moving heavy loads can take a toll on the wrists. Gloves with wristbands help protect this area.
  • Chafing, wounds and calluses: they provide adequate protection to prevent their appearance.
  • They protect the palms of the hands against the weight bars. They also protect from possible blows.
  • Better grip: They prevent the bar from slipping due to sweat.

How to use

Introduce the hand inside the glove so that the fingers are placed in the corresponding place and adjust the closure of the wrist.

They are available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L and Xl.

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