Amix Carb Blocker 90 Caps.

Amix Carb Blocker 90 Caps.


AMIX CARB BLOCKER 90 CAPS. is a supplement with 10 active components designed to reduce body fat in a natural and healthy way.

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What is AMIX CARB BLOCKER 90 Caps?

AMIX CARB BLOCKER 90 CAPS. It is a fat burner based on 10 active components.

The main function of AMIX CARB BLOCKER is to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates thus avoiding subsequent transformation into fat in addition to canceling the feeling of appetite.

Components of AMIX CARB BLOCKER 90 Caps

Starch Lite

AMIX CARB BLOCKER contains StarchLite is a completely natural extract of white beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris) that has properties in terms of reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, while helping to shorten digestion time.

Caralluma Fimbriata

AMIX CARB BLOCKER It also contains Caralluma Fimbriata, a plant that improves appetite control and decreases the absorption of fats, reduces the growth of adipose cells and improves resistance.


AMIX CARB BLOCKER contains L Carnitine, a substance that helps transfer fats to the mitochondria glands for later use as an energy source.


Chitosan is another of its components and is a natural fiber based on chitin that reduces appetite, eliminates fat directly in the stomach before it is absorbed by the body and reduces cholesterol.

Cinnulin PF

Cinnulin PF is part of the patented components of AMIX CARB BLOCKER . Reduces blood pressure, improves glucose transport, increases strength and endurance as well as muscle mass.

yerba mate

AMIX CARB BLOCKER contains Yerba Mate, which has diuretic effects and suppresses appetite, and Bioperine, which significantly improves the bioavailability of nutrients.

In conclusion, AMIX CARB BLOCKER It is an excellent supplement for men and women who want to eliminate excess fat in their body, achieving a slim and fat-free figure.

How to use AMIX CARB BLOCKER 90 Caps

Take one capsule twice a day, 15 minutes before the main meals. If you consume high amounts of carbohydrates you can increase the amount to two capsules with each meal.

Presentation of AMIX CARB BLOCKER: Container with 90 capsules.

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