Amix Coffitime 90 Caps.

Amix Coffitime 90 Caps.


AMIX COFFITIME 90 CAPS. Whether you need an energy boost or increase fat burning AMIX COFFITIME 90 CAPS, with 5 natural stimulants it is your perfect ally.

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AMIX COFFITIME 90 CAPS. It is a supplement designed to stimulate the body with the conjunction of 5 natural elements with high efficiency in increasing the basal metabolism.

Also AMIX COFFITIME Contains METHOCEL, a patented complex to promote the absorption of elements by the body to make it more optimal and complete.


  • CAFFEINE The best known and used of the stimulants by man. It acts on the nervous system and provides an increase in mental concentration, improvements in physical performance by increasing adrenaline levels. Reduces tiredness and the feeling of sleep.
  • GUARANA Guarana is a fruit used worldwide for its large amount of guaranine, a natural stimulant that helps you feel better and delay fatigue.
  • GREEN TEA It is a powerful natural antioxidant that is also used for weight loss thanks to its fat-reducing and purifying action in general.
  • YERBA MATE Yerba mate is, in addition to a well-known stimulant, a great diuretic that will help you stay alert and eliminate excess fluids and prevent fluid retention.
  • TAURINE It will improve our recovery, provide us with extra energy and at the same time enhance the effects of all the stimulants.

How to use

Take one capsule about 45 minutes before the sports session

Recommended dose: 1 Capsule

Presentation of COFFITIME from AMIX NUTRITION: container with 90 capsules.

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