Amix Cgt-3 200 Caps.

Amix Cgt-3 200 Caps.


AMIX CGT-3 200 caps with creatine monohydrate, tri-creatine malate, glutamine and taurine. Three types of creatine and two of glutamine, facilitating muscle gain.

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What is AMIX CGT-3 200 Caps.?

AMIX CGT-3 is a supplement that contains three types of creatine, glutamine and taurine. AMIX CGT-3 Increases strength, power, congestion and muscle recovery, with 3 components of proven efficacy.

components of AMIX CGT-3

Creatine monohydrate

AMIX CGT-3 Contains creatine monohydrate which provides energy for muscle contraction, increases maximum strength, muscle congestion as well as recovery.

tri-cerine malate

AMIX CGT-3 It contains tri-creatine malate, which is a type of creatine that combines three molecules in chemical bond with malic acid, thus producing a new molecule, which participates in the Krebs cycle and provides us with constant energy, improves the regeneration of ATP deposits. , increases energy and physical power.

creatine ethyl ester

AMIX CGT-3 It also contains creatine ethyl ester which is a molecule of creatine linked to an ester. This creatine is exceptionally soluble resulting in great absorption, greater bioavailability and amazing stability, increasing muscle congestion, delaying the onset of fatigue and improving post-workout recovery.

Amino acids

AMIX CGT-3 It contains glutamine, an amino acid of vital importance since it favors cellular hydration, producing water retention within the cells, which enhances the development of anabolic processes, reduces catabolism and increases strength. It also has growth hormone stimulating properties.

AMIX CGT-3 Contains taurine, a powerful energy, ideal for states of decay that increases strength and resistance.

Benefits of AMIX CGT-3

  • Contains three types of creatine and two of glutamine

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Increases strength and power

  • Increases protein synthesis

  • stimulates growth hormone

  • Improves muscle recovery

How to use

Take 10 capsules before physical activity and 5 capsules after physical activity with plenty of water. The basic daily dose is 15 capsules.

Presentation of CGT-3 from Amix Supplements: container with 200 capsules

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