Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn 120 Capsules

Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn 120 Capsules


Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn It is a combination of the classic creatine monohydrate with sodium and its qualities manage to maintain the energy reserves of the muscles in an optimal state, thus improving physical performance.

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Composition of Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn

This product is composed of creatine monohydrate and sodium.

What is it for?

The formula Kre-Alkalyn It arose in an attempt to increase the productivity of classic creatine –or creatine monohydrate-, whose main problem was the decomposition into creatinine in the stomach. Thus, Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn It is a supplement that has all the qualities of creatine and an extra of innovation.

Although it is true that, after some tests, it was not sufficiently demonstrated that the new formula was better than the traditional one, it turned out to be no worse. Thus, Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn it is an election just as valid as any other.

The creatine that it contains has a series of benefits that mainly affect the muscles. In fact, its most important quality has to do with the energy reserves found in muscle tissues. Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn he is able to keep these deposits at a good level, allowing good muscle performance at all times.

Furthermore, by functioning as a kind of gas, contributes its grain of sand in the anabolic processes, through which the muscle mass growth.

Benefits of Nutrimarket New Kre-Alkalyn

  • Innovative creatine formula.
  • It maintains the energy reserves of the muscles at a good level.
  • Facilitates the growth of muscle mass.
  • Improves physical performance.

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