Amix Coenzym q10 100 Caps

Amix Coenzym q10 100 Caps


AMIX COENZYME CO-Q10 of supplements Amix is ​​a complex with coenzyme q10. Amix co-q10 has an antioxidant effect like vitamin e. Amix coenzyme co-q10 also has a fat burning function.

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What is Amix CO-Q10?

Amix COENZYMA Co-Q10 of AMIX supplements It is a complex of coenzyme Q10, with an antioxidant effect similar to Vitamin E. Coenzyme Q10 decreases with age and that is why it is very important to ingest it from the outside, although a part can be acquired through food or being synthesized by our Body.

What is AMIX COENZYME Q10 used for?

The COENZYME Co-Q10 from Amix has a fat-burning function since it activates the function of the cells that use fat as an energy source.

The main functions of coenzyme Q10 from Amix are:

  • stabilizes cell membranes,
  • acts as an antioxidant
  • protects L.D.L cholesterol (good cholesterol) from oxidation,
  • helps strengthen blood vessels,
  • fights free radicals that destroy cells,
  • slows down aging,
  • decreases bacterial plaques.

How to use

Recommended dose: 1 Capsule

Take 1 capsule a day with meals with plenty of water.

Presentation of Amix Coenzym Q10: 100-capsule container

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