Amix Liver Cleanse 100 Caps

Amix Liver Cleanse 100 Caps


AMIX LIVER CLEANSE 100 Caps. It is a product designed for the cleaning, care and protection of the liver based on medicinal plants and vitamins.

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What is AMIX LIVER CLEANSE 100 Caps.?

AMIX LIVER CLEANSE 100 Caps. It is a formula based on natural plant extracts together with vitamins, specially designed for the protection of liver cells from free radicals and toxins, thus guaranteeing optimal functioning in periods of stress and the excessive use of alcohol and harmful medications for This organ is so important for the proper functioning of the human body.


Each tablet of AMIX LIVER CLEANSE contains Milk Thistle extract (silymarin 80%), very powerful herbal extracts, essential vitamins and up to 17 components, which act synergistically supporting the liver function of liver cells. liver cleanse It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.

Mode of Use:

Take 1 tablet a day with meals. Take with plenty of water.

Presentation of LIVER CLEANSE from Amix Supplements: container with 100 capsules.

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