Amix Chelazone® Multichel® Complete 6 90 Vcaps

Amix Chelazone® Multichel® Complete 6 90 Vcaps


Amix MultiChel is a supplement to the new line of Amix, Chelazone, which has been made from bisglycinates of 5 minerals of vital importance for the proper functioning of the body.

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What is Amix Chelazone® Multichel® Complete 6 90 Vcaps?

The minerals containing are calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and iron in chelated form. ChelaZone Chelates are the most natural way to provide minerals for the human body.

It has been made into vegetable capsules called V-Caps Plus. With a content of the best form and better absorption.

Its absorption is easy and fast, it has a positive influence on the whole general usefulness of the ore and especially effective.

When they are left, their bioavailability increases as well as their absorption rate.

Contains 90 capsules.

Benefits of Amix Chelazone® Multichel® Complete 6 90 Vcaps

  • multichel provides a complex multimineral for better maintenance of normal health of bones, teeth, skin, nails…
  • The chelated form of minerals is the one with the highest bioavailability and absorption. 
  • For normal energy metabolism, normal function of the nervous system and protection of cells against oxidative damage
  • Helps reduce the tiredness and fatigue.

How to use:

Take 3 capsules with 250 ml of water with one of the main meals.

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