Amix Nitric Oxide 120caps

Amix Nitric Oxide 120caps


AMIX NITRIC OXIDE increases the intensity of your training with Nitric Oxide. AMIX NITRIC OXIDE provides Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate in its composition.

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Components of Amix Nitric Oxide 120 caps:

AMIX NITRIC OXIDE It is a supplement that cannot be missing from your diet based on the latest generation Nitric Oxide, which also includes Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate in its composition. AAKG) with CRT-ss and Methocel, two components patented in the USA that cause Nitric Oxide to be completely absorbed and metabolized by our muscles.

NITRIC OXIDE of AMIX In addition to being an incredible vasodilator, it improves muscle pumping and the amount of blood that reaches the muscle is as large as possible to feed the muscle throughout our training.

What is Amix Nitric Oxide used for?

  • It produces an anabolic effect increasing strength and muscle mass.
  • Reduces the appearance of fatigue which allows us to perform physical efforts of high intensity for a longer time.
  • Increases the capacity to work with heavier weights during training and increases protein synthesis.
  • It has a cardiovascular protection function during exercise.

Presentation of Amix Nitric Oxide: Package of 120 Capsules.

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