Amix Peptide Pepform Bcaa 90 Caps

Amix Peptide Pepform Bcaa 90 Caps


AMIX PEPTIDE PEPFORM BCAA 90 CAPS favors the maintenance of muscle mass. PEPTIDE PEPFORM It is a maximum absorption anticatabolic that improves protein synthesis and helps in building muscle.

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What is Amix Peptide Pepform 90 caps?

Amix® BCAA PepForm® Peptides is a food supplement that contains a unique form of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) created from a patented process called PepForm®.
PepForm® has been developed by the company Glambia Nutritionals, which with the help of the latest technology combines a free form of BCAA's with peptides isolated from fresh, sweet whey protein using advanced fractionation and separation technologies.

Branched chain amino acids (Branched Chain Amino Acid or BCAA's) are three essential amino acids, meaning that the human body cannot produce them by itself and must be ingested from the outside through diet or supplementation. Branched-chain amino acids account for 40% of the daily need in the body and must be provided through proteins. They are essential for the maintenance of muscle mass (anti-catabolism), as well as to maximize recovery after physical activity.

What does Amix Peptide Pepform BCAA 90 caps contain?

Amix® BCAA PepForm® Peptides It is one of the most anticipated food supplements on the market, since it offers us a form of BCAA's that is much superior to the presentations of standard BCAA's. Structured peptides are absorbed more quickly, are used better, and offer the body the best effects of BCAA supplementation. BCAA peptides provide an enhanced form of highly bioavailable BCAAs.

Benefits of Amix® BCAA PepForm Peptides :

  • A soluble and highly bioavailable peptide form.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Improves protein synthesis.
  • Helps muscle building.
  • Accelerates recovery after exercise.

How to use:

Take 1 capsule with 200 ml of water 30-60 minutes before physical activity and take 1 capsule with 200 ml of water after physical activity.

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