Amix Pro Series Micelle Hd Casein 1600g

Amix Pro Series Micelle Hd Casein 1600g


AMIX PRO SERIES MICELLE HD CASEIN1600G offers a long-lasting supply of amino acids throughout the day. MICELLE HD CASEIN it is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus.

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What is Amix Pro Series Micelle HD Casein 1600g?

Amix Micelle HD® Casein It is a high quality protein within the range of slow digestion proteins and unique due to its composition. Using the latest advances and through the use of patent pending Micelle XL® technology, Micellar Casein molecules have been combined into a structure three times larger than usual. These giant and enormous molecules – Micelles – form a very resistant gel that needs several hours to be digested and absorbed, thus providing Extended-release amino acids to regulate the repair and construction of lean muscle mass.

Every dose of Amix™ Micelle HD® Casein also provides the relaxing properties of L-Theanine to contribute to recovery after physical activity. All these properties make Amix™ MicelleHD® Casein an ideal choice to take between main meals or before going to bed, which is when the muscle enters a possible catabolic state.

Benefits of Amix Pro Series Micelle HD Casein 1600G:

  • AMIX's slowest and most delicious casein protein supplement
  • Much slower digestion than standard casein
  • Sustained provision of amino acids between meals and before bedtime
  • Low in fat
  • High in protein
  • Excellent source of calcium and phosphorous
  • With Suntheanine® and AminoGEN®
  • With Glutamine Peptides PepForm®
  • Primary proteases for protein digestion
  • Optimal muscle recovery and anti-catabolic effect

How to use:

Mix 40g (2 scoops) with 200-300 ml of water or skimmed milk. Take before going to bed or between main meals.

Allergens: Contains lactose and soy.May contain traces of eggs, gluten, fish, nuts and peanuts.

Recommended daily dose: 40 g (2 scoops).

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