Amix Isoprime Cfm Isolate Sack 500g

Amix Isoprime Cfm Isolate Sack 500g


Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate is a sports supplement based on isolated whey protein CFM that contributes to meeting the requirements of this macronutrient and to gaining muscle mass.

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What is Amix Isoprime CFM Isolate?

Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate provides a source of protein of high quality and purity. It has been made with one of the best raw materials on the market. The whey protein isolate has been obtained with the CFM or cross-flow microfiltration process, which ensures the high quality of the protein, an excellent flavor and that it is free of impurities.

In addition, it has been enriched with the complex of digestive enzymes in order to improve digestion and not cause any stomach discomfort. Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate has been patented by Glanbia. 

Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate It is recommended for all those people who are looking for a high-quality protein supplement, either with the aim of gaining muscle mass or maintaining it in periods of deficit. It has been designed in 8 delicious flavors so you can choose your favourite.

The benefits of Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate

  • It has an excellent amino acid profile: it is a protein of high biological value, that is, it contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself
  • It also highlights its high concentration of branched amino acids or BCAAs, which favor the gain of muscle mass, and glutamine.
  • Contributes to Recovery after workouts. Promotes muscle mass gain.
  • Provides a 90% protein of the total. It contains practically no carbohydrates or fats.
  • Its contribution of lactose is practically non-existent since it is mostly eliminated during the production process.
  • Being enriched with the complex Digezyme, favors its digestion and assimilation.
  • Does not contain aspartame.

The Digezyme Complex

Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate has been enriched with Digezyme.  

Digezyme is a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that aim to improve digestion. Enzymes are necessary and essential: since they are involved in the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

As a result, they facilitate the digestion of nutrients. It can be a great help for all those people who have reduced enzyme levels.

The flavors of Amix Isoprime CFM Isolate

Amix IsoPrime CFM Isolate has been designed in 8 delicious flavors from which you can choose your favourites:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • cookies and cream
  • double white chocolate
  • Peanut choco caramel
  • chocolate coffee mocha

How to use

Mix 1 dose of a heaped scoop (35 grams) together with water, milk or preferred vegetable drink. Mix and ready to drink.

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