Amix Women's Tracksuit

Amix Women's Tracksuit


The Amix women's tracksuit is a set of two pieces of clothing designed by Amix, especially for use in physical activity, competitions, events or simply walking.

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What is the Amix women's tracksuit?

It has been designed in order to fit perfectly to the contours of the body.

Made with materials from great quality, resists countless washes without stretching, without losing its shape, and without erasing its print, it is an ideal shirt to take with you to your workouts.

Materials and their design

The material with which it is designed is 100% polyester: an adjustable material and providing a correct aeration of our temperature. It is resistant, durable and ensures that it will not be damaged or damaged during washing.

The hoodie combines red colors in the central part, and black on the neck and sleeves. It's adjusted to the wrists and it contains a zipper closure. On the back, in black, you will find the white Amix logo.

The pants It is black, adjusted to the ankles. It contains two pockets on the front and the brand's logo in white.

There are 4 sizes available: S, M, L and XL

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