Atipick Medium Resistance Tube With Nylon Cover 160cm

Atipick Medium Resistance Tube With Nylon Cover 160cm


The Atipick 160cm Nylon Sheathed Medium Resistance Tube is a perfect and ideal complement for the practice of the exercise as well as for the stretching and training isolated muscle groups such as legs or arms.

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Although it has some rubberized handles perfect to maintain a comfortable and safe grip against the sweat of our hands as well as humidity, it is also made with flexible materials of high quality, being a product durable as well as very efficient, having a nylon cover.

Atipick's medium resistance tube is ideal for strengthening and training of the muscles, being necessary to maintain the correct position at the time of performing the exercises, just as the performance of the same must be done in a smooth and progressive.

The Atipick 160cm Nylon Sheath Medium Resistance Tube is very easy to transport, being very lightweight In addition to being able to be used in anywhere, both at home and in our gym.

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