Atipick Strong Latex Loop Band, 30X5Cm X 0.9mm 13-16kg Red

Atipick Strong Latex Loop Band, 30X5Cm X 0.9mm 13-16kg Red


Atipick's strong loop latex band is very easy to transport, being very light as well as versatile when practicing a wide variety of exercises, being able to work with it both at home and in the gym.

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Thanks to the strong latex loop band 30x5cmx0.9mm 13-16kg from Atipick we can train and exercise muscle groups separately as well as performing aerobic exercises, fitness and work the muscles in a safe, comfortable and fast way, being very efficient when performing exercises of muscle rehabilitation. Although it is made with materials of high quality, being composed entirely of latex, which will provide us with an ideal elasticity, flexibility and resistance for performing exercises and stretching.

It is necessary to point out that it is free of seams, being very comfortable work with it in addition to having a non-slip texture. Although the Atipick strong latex band consists of measures 30x5cmx9mm with a resistance from 13-16kg, being available in various colors.

Thanks to Atipick we can exercise our muscles as well as practicing muscle strengthening and rehabilitation exercises in a comfortable and simple way, being able to find numerous elastic bands of different resistances as well as of different sizes, ideal to constitute the perfect complement in our training.

What activities is its use recommended for?

Although it is ideal for stretching and fitness training, it is highly recommended to be used for strengthening muscles and joints as well as for muscle rehabilitation. It is also highly recommended to use it for training and stretching, in pilates classes and aerobics.

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