Biocop Piadina Spelled Linen Poppy 225g

Biocop Piadina Spelled Linen Poppy 225g


The piadinas with spelled, flax and poppy from Biocop are a traditional flatbread from Italy. They are made from a mixture of wholemeal spelled and wheat flours, accompanied by flax and poppy seeds and combined with high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Spelled is one of the most nutritious and satiating cereals. It provides proteins of high biological value, B vitamins and a high fiber content.

All its ingredients are 100%ecological.

Its fine dough is a source of proteins and of fiberThey provide satiety.

The seeds:

Poppy: they are a source of unsaturated fats, vitamin E, B vitamins, potassium and plant sterols. It has antioxidant action.

Oflinen: They are high in omega 6 and omega 3. They help regulate cholesterol levels.

They are suitable for vegans: they do not contain milk or derivatives.

How to prepare the piadinas?

They can be consumed cold or hot.

They are suitable for preparing on the griddle, frying pan or oven. Fill them with your favorite ingredients, both sweet and savory: cheese, meat, chicken, vegetables, etc.

The piadinas They are a nutritious and healthy option. They are an excellent alternative for any time of the day. They have a traditional flavor ideal to combine.

allergens: may contain traces of soy.

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