Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Cream 250 G

Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Cream 250 G


Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Butter 250g is the ideal peanut butter for all types of people, especially if they are athletes, as it provides 30% protein. The most important thing is that it is 100% natural, without additives, and organic.

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Composition of Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Cream 250g

This product only contains roasted and ground peanuts from organic farming.

What is it for?

The spreadable creams are one of the most loved and most used products by many people, especially in contexts such as desserts, snacks and sweet recipes usually. They are also one of the preferred options for the children. The problem is in its composition, normally packed with additives as harmful as preservatives or added sugars.

Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Butter 250g is the definitive solution to that problem. This peanut butter is composed, solely and exclusively, of peanuts, So it is 100% natural. In addition, its flavor has become very popular in recent years, coming from the typical North American diet.

Regarding its nutritional properties, it highlights the great concentration proteica, which amounts to a 30%. In this way, it is a food perfect for athletes, since it provides extra protein that can be key in muscle tasks such as Recovery or the mass growth lean.

You can use Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Cream 250g in many ways, from spreading it on a slice of bread to including it in more elaborate desserts. Their unmistakable flavor will give a very special touch and, above all, you can be calm about your nutritional quality.

The peanuts used come from organic farming, so you are not only improving your eating habits in healthy terms, but you are also contributing to change the food industry for another more sustainableand respectfulwith the environment.

Benefits of Biocop Rapunzel Peanut Cream 250g

  • 100% natural spreadable cream. Contains only peanuts.
  • Rich in protein (30%).
  • Ideal for athletes.
  • Improves the health of the muscular system.
  • All the flavor of the typical US peanut butter.
  • Perfect for all kinds of sweet recipes.
  • Ecological product and responsible consumption.

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