Biocop Almonds Biocop 250 G

Biocop Almonds Biocop 250 G


Biocop Almonds 250g offers 100% whole almonds, raw and with skin, from organic farming. Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, they take care of your body while respecting the environment.

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Composition of Biocop Almonds 250g

This product is made up of 100% raw whole almonds with skin from organic farming.

What is it for?

Biocop Almonds 250g is one of those products that belong to the range of nuts from biocop and that, for that reason alone, already deserve very special attention. In this case, and following the line marked by all similar items, 100% of the composition is almonds, without any additive.

They come whole, raw and with skin, three factors that join their state 100% natural to facilitate the conservation of its most important benefits. Thus, Biocop Almonds 250g contributes quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, among other things.

With a 18.7% of concentration protein and a high proportion of slow-absorbing carbohydrates, Biocop Almonds 250g can be a significant boost to your energy and muscle performance. Also, almonds are very rich in vitamin E, one of the antioxidants most effective natural substances in the fight against free radicals.

All these properties would already be enough for Biocop Almonds 250g be a very interesting product, but the best is still missing: it is made with almonds from organic farming. Not only do they improve your well-being, but they help you build healthy eating habits, respectful and responsible consumption with the environment.

Benefits of Biocop Almonds 250g

  • Composed of 100% raw almonds with skin from organic farming.
  • Without additives.
  • Responsible consumption product.
  • Rich in protein and slow-absorbing carbohydrates.
  • With vitamins and minerals.
  • antioxidant properties. Rich in vitamin E.

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