Biocop Rice E.Plastico Integral Calasparra 1kg

Biocop Rice E.Plastico Integral Calasparra 1kg


This rice requires a higher proportion of water than others due to its particular characteristics, with which more portions are achieved with the same amount of raw food.

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What is Biocop Calasparra Brown Rice?

Integral rice of biological cultivation with denomination of origin Calasparra. Calasparra is located at 350 meters. above sea level. Since the 18th century, rice has been cultivated in Calasparra. The circumstance, the mountainous area and the quality of the water of the crops (headwaters of the Segura and El Mundo that come from mountainous areas) influence the high quality of the rice.

Brown rice keeps the edible hulls and the rice germ providing fiber, amino acids and nutrients to nutrition.

Benefits of brown rice from Calasparra

The quality and prestige of Calasparra rice are a consequence of the properties of the region where it is grown, the purity of the waters, the climatology of the place, the special layout of the small plots in mountainous areas and ravines of the Segura River and its tributary, the Mundo River, the use of selected seeds and, above all, the organic farming system, which does not deplete the richness of the soil.

This rice was stored unpeeled for impeccable preservation. The development of shelling is carried out in a staggered manner according to its consumption. No genetic manipulation.

Ingredients: Integral rice*. *From organic farming.
Wash with cold water and cook with water: 1 part of rice with 2-2.5 of water. Cooking: 5 minutes over high heat, 40 minutes approx. over low heat and rest for 10 minutes.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional analysis per 100g of product

Energetic value

1449.5kJ/341.7kcal fats

0.41g saturated fatty acids

0.10g carbohydrates

76.50g sugars

0.31g Dietary fiber

4g protein

6g Salt


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