Biocop Tamari Soy Sauce 1 L

Biocop Tamari Soy Sauce 1 L


Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L is a variety of common soy sauce that is made without wheat. It maintains a very similar flavor and texture, so it can be used as a perfect substitute. In addition, the soy used comes from organic farming.

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Composition of Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L

This product contains water, soybeans*, sea salt, koji.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L is proof that Biocop is not only responsible for offering healthy alternatives to typical products, but also serves to discover New flavors, always with quality and respect for the environment as non-negotiable conditions.

The soybean tamari is a variety of the classic soy sauce, with a thicker and usually darker in color. The taste is very similar, although in this case they can be differentiated more nuances forks less salty. The main difference is that this sauce is not made with wheat, but May contain traces of gluten, so people with intolerance should be careful.

Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L It is ideal to accompany meat and fish recipes. In addition, the properties of this variety make it much more suitable for cooking with her. Thanks to its composition, tremendously light, you can add this sauce without fear of breaking the rules of your diet. only contains a 0.1% fat and 0.3% sugar, while carbohydrates appear in a timid 5.1%.

Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L is made with soy from organic farming, so it is not only beneficial for your body, but also for the environment. Products like this actively contribute to the construction of responsible consumption habits.

Benefits of Soy Sauce Tamari Biocop 1L

  • Organic soy sauce.
  • Less salty and with more nuances than the classic soy sauce.
  • Ideal for cooking.
  • Perfect to accompany meat or fish recipes.
  • Very light composition. Only 0.1% fat and 0.3% sugar.
  • Compatible with diets.
  • Responsible consumption product.

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