Brown Round Rice Biocop 1 Kg

Brown Round Rice Biocop 1 Kg


Integral rice Biocop 1KG

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Calasparra Brown Round Rice from Biocop It is a high quality food for our kitchen, since this food contains a great nutritional value.

We are before a essential foodfor cover our energy needs and receive essential nutrients such as fenols, flavonoids, vitamin C and A.

Find out how its consumption improves your nutrition, increases your satiety and provides you with much more energy to exercise, or to have more vitality in your work and in your personal commitmentsIngredients


Integral rice.

How to use

  • Wash with cold water and cook with water: 1 part of rice with 2-2.5 of water.
  • Cooking: 5 minutes over high heat, 40 minutes approx. over low heat and rest for 10 minutes.


keep in fresh and dry place.

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