Bodybuilding Store Breathable Technical T-Shirt Fluor Green

Bodybuilding Store Breathable Technical T-Shirt Fluor Green


The Green Breathable T-shirt It is part of the Bodybuilding Store line of t-shirts, it is breathable, comfortable and resistant to countless washes.

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What is the Fluor Green Breathable T-shirt?

For people who do sports and physical activity on a regular basis, dressing appropriately is an aspect that cannot go unnoticed. It is essential to wear appropriate clothing, which provides comfort, are breathable and do not restrict movement.

Its design in fluorescent green, has the logo on the front and our logo with the 'strongman' on the back. You can also find it in orange. Pick your favourites.


  • The material used is 100% polyester, a breathable and ultralight material, highly durable and resistant to stains.
  • allows a full range of motion and as a result, it's very comfortable to take with you to workouts.
  • It resists a large number of washes without stretching, without losing its shape, and without erasing its serigraphy.


  • Wash with cold water or maximum 30º
  • Wash inside out (pattern facing in)
  • Do not leave it in the drum for hours after washing and moist (it could soften the screen printing and spoil it)
  • Use only liquid soaps.
  • Do not use dryer, you can iron maximum 50.

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