Daily Life Dandy Protein Cake 80g

Daily Life Dandy Protein Cake 80g


Try this delicious sweet snack with 20% protein and fiber source. Choose between its three different flavors!

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What is Daily Life Dandy Protein Cake?

Dandy Protein Cake from Daily Life a delicious sweet snack made with oatmeal, covered in chocolate and available to choose from in three different flavours: vanilla with hazelnuts, chocolate chips and chocolate and coconut.

Noted for its high level of protein, since it provides 16g of protein for each 80g cupcake. This high-quality protein will be very useful when it comes to building muscle mass and being able to reach an adequate recovery period after physical exercise.

In addition, thanks to its oat base, it is also a source of fiber, which will improve intestinal transit and serve as a satiating agent, thus facilitating the following of a more limited diet.

Benefits of Daily Life Dandy Protein Cake

  • 16g of protein in a fast and affordable way
  • sweet and delicious snack
  • Enjoy its 3 different flavors
  • High content of dietary fiber

How to take it:

Enjoy this tasty snack whenever you feel like it and try its different flavors while you cover your daily protein goal.

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