Encore Fitness 8 Lifting Straps

Encore Fitness 8 Lifting Straps


Straps or "figure 8" grip tapes. Recommended for deadlifts. They improve grip strength.

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What are Encore Fitness Lifting Straps?

Encore Fitness Lifting Straps They are an accessory similar to conventional straps, with the main difference that they have a “8" shape. 

The straps are an accessory that has the main objective of optimizing strength training, improving grip and providing protection to the wrists.

Encore Fitness Lifting Straps have been designed with a ultra durable and resistant material. Figure 8 straps are mainly used to perform dead weight. It helps to improve traction, and to lift greater loads in this exercise, favoring a greater volume of training and intensity. They also help prevent bar slippage and optimize stability.

The new straps or grip tapes from Encore have been designed with the aim of providing a greater and safer grip strength, in the face of different heavy lifting and exercises.

Benefits of Grip Straps:

  • Improved grip strength.
  • Mainly recommended for deadlifting.
  • They help protect the wrists.
  • They offer security against high loads.
  • improvement of the total volume and intensity of training.
  • Higher stability and traction in front of the bar.

How to use Encore Fitness Lifting Straps?

Insert a doll through one of the loops, placing the other loop under the bar. Then pass the doll through the second loop. The strap must be firmly attached before beginning the lift.

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