Encore Fitness Tower Pull-ups And Exercise Tower 200

Encore Fitness Tower Pull-ups And Exercise Tower 200


The pull-up tower and exercise Tower 200 is a complete home training system that allows you to work at home completely, effectively and with the possibility of performing 200 different exercises with its pulleys and bar.

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What is the Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower?

It has a pull-up bar and a pulley system that allows you to add different loads so you can train the muscle groups you want, progress in strength and gain muscle mass.

With Tower 200 You can train without leaving home, in different ways and working all the muscle groups of the body.

It has 3 pulleys in 3 different colors:

  • Gray Pulley: 2 x 6.7kg (25kg)
  • Black pulley: 2 x 13.6kg (35kg)
  • Red Pulley: 2 x 20.4kg (45kg)

The pull-up and exercise tower Tower 200 Allows you to adjust until you achieve a 105kg resistance. It is easy to install and use. You can place Tower 200 in a doorway or along any wall.

Includes triceps bar, 2 handles, 2 straps and foot straps.

The maximum load that Tower 200 allows is 105 kg.

Ideal for all kinds of people who want to train at home, It is suitable for both professionals and beginners due to the progressions that it allows to include

What are the benefits of the Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower?

  • Adapt each workout to your needs: thanks to its pulley system, it allows you to adjust loads and intensity.
  • Allows for training strength without leaving home. In addition, it has a pull-up bar that complements the pulleys.
  • Train in a more complete way, at the time you want.
  • It is Easy to install and use. No tool required. Also, It is comfortable and practical thanks to its design, with which you will save space.
  • we can make 200 exercises different thanks to its pulley system
  • It helps to gain strength in all muscle groups: from the shoulders, triceps biceps… to the calves, glutes and quadriceps.

Why choose the Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower?

It is a complement that works through a system of different pulleys that allow you to choose between different loads to adapt to the capabilities of each person and the exercise that we want to perform.

It has a voltage regulator that will allow you to adapt it to individual needs and requirements.

Tower 200 is one of the most complete training systems to perform strength training in your favorite places.

In addition, it also has a specific bar to do pull-ups. Perform the most complete workouts in the place and time you want.

For whom is the Tower 200 pull-up tower and exercise recommended?

The pull-up and exercise tower Tower 200 It is recommended for all those people who want to have complete equipment, easy to use and that allows progress in different exercises thanks to the different loads.

they can use it beginners, people advanced and all those who want to train.

How to install the Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower?

The Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower requires no special assembly. To be installed, no type of tool is necessary.

It is very simple to install. To do this, we must select the door in which we want to place the

It should be placed on doors with a maximum thickness of 4.5 cm.

Hooks up Tower 200 on the opposite side from where the door opens. Place the bottom of Tower 200 on the bottom of your chosen door, and the top of Tower 200 on top of the door.

How to use and install the Tower 200 pull-up and exercise tower?

. It includes a manual and a CD so you can get to know all of them.You can perform more than 200 different exercises with Tower 200

Some of the exercises that can be performed are: pull-ups on your bar, and on the pulleys: from rows, military press, biceps curls in different forms, rows, pull downs, front and lateral shoulder raises, squats, lunges, kicks gluteus, exercises for the core in which we can include loads and tension….

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