Feeling Ok Optimize Sweety 50g

Feeling Ok Optimize Sweety 50g


Try this sweetener Feeling OK liquid, ideal for sweetening your food without adding a single calorie.

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What is Feeling OK Optimize Sweety?

It's a sweetener in format liquid of the brand Feeling Ok. It is the ideal product to add a sweet and delicious flavor to your food. Put it in your desserts, coffees or any other type of food and enjoy its flavor without harming your diet or your health.


Benefits of Feeling OK Optimize Sweety:

  • Sweetener with 0 calories.
  • Great sweetening power.
  • No sugar or simple carbohydrates.
  • Combinable with other foods of the brand.
  • Guaranteed quality in its range Optimize.
  • Convenient dropper to administer the product.

How to use it:

Add drops to taste, taking into account its great sweetening power. 2 drops of product would be equivalent to a small tablespoon of traditional sugar.


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