Amix Mellanox Sleep Plus 120 Caps

Amix Mellanox Sleep Plus 120 Caps


Mellanox Slee Plus is a supplement designed by Amix that has an exclusive formula to provide relaxation and a pleasant sleep based on natural components that will help you improve rest.

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What is Amix Mellanox Sleep Plus?

The stress caused by the current pace of life, times of overexertion, intense training, insufficient rest, drinks high in stimulants, medications, tobacco, alcohol, etc… can alter quality sleep, which is so necessary for human beings. and cause insomnia.

That is why the combination of active ingredients in Mellanox Sleep+ is the ideal product to regulate this disorder and that at bedtime we can take advantage of to have a deep and restful sleep.

The properties of its components


which is a natural hormone that regulates the biological clock in humans, animals and plants. Contribute to alleviate the effects of jet lag and decrease the time it takes to fall asleep.
It does not create dependency, it does not affect the natural secretion of melatonin in our body, nor does it affect memory.

Suntheanine L-Theanine

:It is obtained through a patented fermentation process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves. promotes a relaxed but alert state, that is, without drowsiness.


is an amino acid necessary for the production of serotonin (a brain hormone that promotes restful sleep, well-being and satiety). Can improve sleep disorders such as insomnia or apnea, and improve mood.


It is a medicinal plant traditionally used for its calming and relaxing properties. It can help in alterations of the central nervous system, insomnia, hyperactivity, stress situations…


It is a plant that has traditionally had recognized sedative properties.It also helps prevent insomnia, balance the nervous system and improve digestion.

Hops (Humulus lupulus)

It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, diuretic and neurosedative properties.

B12 vitamin

which plays a very important role in the production of melatonin, an essential hormone for restful sleep.

How to use

Take one capsule with 200 ml of water daily 30 minutes before going to sleep.

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