Feeling Ok Start Penne 250g

Feeling Ok Start Penne 250g


Start Penne It is an Italian-style pasta, which has a high protein content, and a lower intake of carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index.

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What is Start Penne 250g?

Start Penne its usual traditional values, Feeling Ok, has changed its composition to adapt to your requirements and objectives. Start Penne It is the ideal alternative to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes, take care of your diet and meet your daily protein requirements.

It has been made with various sources of protein, among them, egg white, pea and wheat protein, acacia fiber and wheat flour.

Start Penne belongs to the Start line: it has been created in order to boost your metabolism and reduce total carbohydrate intake.

Start Penne, like all the products in it, has a low glycemic load, as a result, the insulin spike that is generated is much lower. It is ideal for preparing your favorite Italian-style pasta recipes, and maintaining good healthy habits.

What are the properties of Start Penne 250 g?

  • It is our ally to meet protein requirements, especially important in athletes, and providing a lower amount of carbohydrates.
  • Start Penne It is the innovative way to eat pasta fulfilling your daily objectives and goals.
  • Start Fusilli provides 64% less carbohydrates than any conventional rice. Helps regulate blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.
  • One of the characteristics for which Start Penne stands out is its protein content, since it provides 30 grams of protein for each 100-gram serving. Thanks to its high fiber content, in combination with protein, it has great satiating power and improves intestinal transit.
  • The protein source is complete thanks to the combination of various sources, which as a result provides a complete aminogram. Another great advantage over conventional pasta is its low intake of carbohydrates, provides 25 grams for each serving, and they are also characterized by being low on the glycemic index and do not generate large insulin spikes.

How to take Start Penne 250 g?

Introduce the desired amount in boiling water for between 8 and 10 minutes. Combine to taste. It is suitable for preparing all kinds of recipes.

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