Life Pro Arginine 300 Caps

Life Pro Arginine 300 Caps


Life Pro Arginine will help you in your sports performance through various benefits, such as vasodilation, increased energy or improved recovery.

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Composition of Life Pro Arginine

This product is composed of arginine, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and gelatin.

What is it for?

The arginine It is an amino acid that has a series of very diverse properties, many of them ideal for improving the performance and performance of athletes. For this reason, Life Pro has created Life Pro Arginine, with the aim of offering a supplement completely based on said compound.

We could divide the benefits of arginine into two groups: on the one hand, those that derive directly from its activity and, on the other, those that depend on the arginine being transformed into another substance.

First, Life Pro Arginine he is able to remove toxic waste produced in the processes of protein metabolism. Because this macronutrient is very present in sports diets, arginine becomes an ideal solution for protect the body of athletes. In this same line of direct actions, arginine improves overnight recovery.

Secondly, Life Pro Arginine It is a precursor substance of different compounds. The two most prominent are nitric oxide and creatine. The first of these is a vasodilator, whose presence allows get more nutrients to the muscles and its performance is increased. As for creatine, there is little to say, since it is one of the protagonists in the world of supplementation, keeps muscle energy stores always available to offer optimal work at any time.

Benefits of Life Pro Arginine

  • Eliminates residues derived from protein metabolism.
  • Improves night recovery.
  • Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide and creatine.
  • Increases vasodilation.
  • Increases the arrival of nutrients to muscle cells.
  • It keeps the energy deposits of the muscles always available.

How is Life Pro Arginine taken?

Take 3 capsules before training or going to bed.

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