Amix Amino hydro32 250tabs

Amix Amino hydro32 250tabs


AMIX AMINO HYDRO32 250 TABS. It is composed of pure hydrolyzed amino acids in tablets of 2,000 mg of whey protein of the highest quality.

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What is Amix Amino Hydro32 250 tabs?

AMIX AMINO HYDRO-32 250TABS It is composed of pure hydrolyzed amino acids from whey protein of the highest quality in 2,000 mg tablets. Its hydrolyzed formula is the purest composition for rapid and complete absorption since they are pre-digested so the body does not have to make efforts for complete absorption. This hydrolyzate also contains peptides, a name given to small combinations of amino acids from 1 to 10 amino acids that are rapidly absorbed.

AMIX AMINO HYDRO 32 It is very quickly assimilated and passes directly into the bloodstream, thus improving nitrogen retention and maximizing benefits. It is an excellent source of protein completely free of fat.

What is Amix Amino Hydro 32 used for?

  • Excellent nutritional quality
  • Increases strength
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • maximum absorption
  • Contains no fat or lactose
  • Does not require energy for digestion
  • pre-digested formula

How to use

Take 3 tablets three or four times a day between meals or after training. Take with plenty of water.

Presentation of amix amino hydro-32: 250 tablet container

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